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About Us

Sell / Buy Used Equipment Lab, Microscope, Test,  Semiconductor, Medical Equipment

Our Need

We would like to introduce and welcome you to the services of our company. Incorporated years ago, JB-CO Instruments is a global provider in HPLC equipment and pre-owned scientific instruments helping customers to get better prices and quality. We are the buyer and seller of laboratory instruments and manufacturing equipment. We also sell drug testing, Fetal Bovine and other Serum.



We want your unused or decommissioned equipment! We will take any sort of lab equipment off your hands. The profit is on your side, take the initiative to save yourself money. Don’t settle with throwing away your equipment. Refer to us when you no longer need your equipment.


Working Together

We partner with you throughout your equipment’s life cycle. Whether it is time to retire a unit or make an upgrade, get in touch with us to ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition. If within the region, we can pick up the equipment free of charge.

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